Our Characters

We are daily meeting people who use the various Office products. Below are some examples of the characters that we regularly meet and who sometimes has something in common with our customers and maybe even you Blinkar


The Winner




  • You got the contract due to your IT skills
  • Your boss praised you for your effort
  • You won the sales contest
  • WATCH OUT —>
  • The printer is causing problems when you are on your way to a customer
  • You get a message you have now idea what it means
  • The server is down, try again
  • Nobody is answering at the helpdesk

The Hero




  • Your first macro worked well
  • You helped the customer solve a problem
  • Your first query answered your boss question
  • WATCH OUT —>
  • Many people want your help
  • You have to work overtime to be able to do your normal job
  • Sometime you feel used

The Visionary

Not quite what I expected


  • Your first system works perfectly as long as you are in charge of it
  • You start to find tasks to you can solve for other people in your department
  • You can only see opportunities with what can be done with computers
  • WATCH OUT —>
  • It does not always turn out the way you thought it would
  • It is easy underestimate things you don’t really understand
  • There are no simple ways and shortcuts in system development


Who ever you fell something in common with we have the knowledge and experience to help you.