Work Methodology

agil1There are many different methodologies for running IT projects. Currently popular methodologies are XP, Scrum, Lean… AGILE is the keyword. We are working with the system users in focus aiming for fast business value. Short efficient meetings and sub deliveries of functionality with efficient tools. Sub delivery – testing and evaluation – feedback and a meeting – new sub delivery etc.

The goal for the system is defined along the way and improvements and further development is initiated by the prospective users of the system. A step by step approach which leads to a system actually being used and creating true business value. The role of the client is critical and demands an active approach to steer the process in right direction.

Our methodology is agile. Our role gets more active and efficient when we understand how you work and we are therefore always striving for long term relationships with our customers built on mutual trust. Invoicing is normally done ongoing or if you prefer with a fixed price for pre defined deliverables. With our methodology we view each part delivery as a finished component. If you need to reprioritize along the way or for other reasons take a break in the project, we let it rest until your organization is ready to continue the development. Your commitment is critical for our methodology to be successful.



Do you have an idea for improvements in your systems? If you already have an existing solution in Excel or some other environment it makes for a very good starting point for our work. Do you want to try and work with us?

You can reach us my email or phone. Our methodology doesn’t require any specifications from your part. Instead we together create the first deliverables and the financial framework for the project.



Are you in immediate need for some help? Call us at +46 707 200 242. If we are located at our computers we can assist you straight away via Copilot, a tool enabling us to sit next to you sharing your screen regardless of where we are.


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