About Ricol IT

P9240147Our company is based in the southern part of Sweden, Skåne. We have been helping our customers to create business value through IT for more than 25 years. We together have been through the IT development from IBM mainframe computers to today’s modern BI systems. Then and now, we focus on creating more business value out of the IT systems the customer already have in place. We are offering well integrated complementary applications to our customer’s business systems.

The company is run by Rickard Olsson since 1985 who has developed an extensive network of local and international expertise.


  • Experienced developer with well developed technical skills combined with a great understanding for business development.
  • Outdoor person with great passion for his kayak.
  • Enthusiastic bridge blogger and player.
  • Hobby carpenter at the summer house in Karlskrona.
  • Working hard in the new role as grandpa.
  • Fishes who can fly think different.