Knowledge & Expertise

imageIn the IT field keeping your knowledge level and expertise is an ongoing process. As our customers knowledge partners we are always required to monitor new tech areas. We are therefore dividing our competence in two areas: “what we know” and “what we are working on to know”.

To develop new knowledge a close relationship with a customer is often required to create a win-win situation for both parties.





Areas we are experts in:

  1. Relational databases, which the guarantee for one truth. SQL Server, JET, DB2 and Postgre are the ones we have extensive experience in.
  2. SQL in most of the  various dialects available.
  3. DB-design for both simple and more complex data warehouse solutions.
  4. The Office products:
    Excel – database connections, pivot tables, analysis, simulations 
    Access – DB design, DB maintenance as frontend for SQL server  
    Word – For reports with complex layout requirements 
    – Outlook – Connections to email from various applications
  5. ERP system. Often specific knowledge is required to find the data needed in your business system. In Movex which many of our customers are using we know our way around quite well. When it comes to other business system we use the knowledge within our network.






Areas where we are developing our knowledge:

  1. Qlickview is a modern BI tool with great potential and is on our watch list.
  2. Ipad and tablets. We are convinced that they will be used more and more for B2B applications similar to the PC development some time ago. 
  3. Open source databases, which means no licensing costs. In particular Postgre which in many situations is a very good alternative for BI solutions.