Our Services

Our goal is to help our customers improve their results by fast delivery and implementation of systems based on data already gathered in the ERP system.

We are firm believers in small scale projects which can be delivered and implemented with 50-150 hours of work load from our side.


The services we offer in a normal project are:

  • Start up meeting with determination of the framework for the system development work
  • Database design for storing of data and occasionally if required integration with the ERP system
  • Suggestion for how the information should be presented for the end user to ensure it is easily adopted by all users of the system
  • Programming of the user interface, normally in Excel, to ensure it is easily understood by the end users
  • Formatting of the information to  make sure it is easy to access and understand by all parties
  • Instructions & help direct in the application, often as comments in the Excel sheets
  • Suggestion for enhanced documentation which should be improved by the ordering party to ensure the business value
  • Help and support via screen sharing application Copilot

System development with our methodology has a lot of commonalities with the building industry. The expert’s role is to take requirements and vision he doesn’t fully know the extent of and the end result is then a product of his skill, experience and professional pride.