Our View On BI (Business Intelligence)

imageWhat are the reasons behind the increased interest in BI? Lowered costs for data storage, simplified data capture, ERP, GPS, WEB to name a few. Access to figures doesn’t necessary translate to business results, it takes analysis to get real facts. These facts have to be transformed into actions leading to improved competitive advantages and business results. It is first then that real and true improvements of results are experienced in the organization.

The process to get there is complex and requires expertise. Our mission is to help you find the “nuggets” in the database in your ERP-system. This is the difference – how you will achieve better results than your competitors, by with simple means, create improved results.


imageFigures by themselves are meaningless. They have to be compiled to measurable goals in your organization – KPIs. A KPI should ideally be measurable from the average employee all the way to the CEO. To be accepted in the organization they need to be simple to understand and transferable to common tasks. KPIs are gathered in dashboards, which is a subject of its own…




Our view of the subject is more pragmatic with true business results in the focus, the way our customers work. We work with a tool everybody already knows which is important for fast and widespread acceptance. Often this tool is Excel.

Behind the curtains we are build the application on top of a database where the information is stored. This is crucial to ensure there is only one truth. When the Excel workbook is opened the sheets are populated from the same data source with the current and up to date information for everybody. Then with the data in Excel it is easy for the user to solve their tasks and use the data in whatever way they need.


Efficient implementation of BI creating true business value fast


  1. imageSomeone in the organization has an idea
  2. Together we find the data in your systems
  3. We develop SQL which crunches the numbers
  4. With Excel, together we find a good way to present the information to the end user
  5. The application is implemented – it is accepted and used immediately without the need for training
  6. With the application being used new ideas are born for how it can be improved gradually increasing the business value.