Our Customers & Projects

With the development of Internet and thin clients we are today working with both small and larger organizations as well as companies from Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Another trend is that our customers are focusing on smaller projects with fast and more attainable business value.




Orkla Brands and their subsidiaries

  • KåKå in Lomma, Örebro, Stockholm and Göteborg. Wholesaler in the bakery industry – a long relationship with many projects. Ongoing responsibility from their BI requirements in particular within sales. CRMLight, an Excel based CRM application. Simulation models for price adjustment analysis and many other ongoing projects all with integration to Movex their ERP system.
  • Procordia in Eslöv, once Felix. Project for product development, internally created system which has been enhanced with increased functionality.
  • Idun in Oslo, wholesaler in the bakery industry, also using CRMLight but with integration to Oracle as the ERP system.
  • Jästbolaget in Stockholm – sales stats in Excel with “Figures” from Movex.







Lantmännen – Foodservice in Järna

  • Tender application for public sector procurement with Access as frontend to SQL Server.

  • Sales follow up with pivot tables in Excel and data warehouse in SQL Server.






Délifrance – Swedish subsidiary in Helsingborg

  • Excel based procurement planning system with an Access database and integration to customer specific business system “Oscar”. Analysis of stock levels and pivots in Excel.
  • Follow up application for procurement processes both public and private.






Perstorp AB – in Perstorp.

  • Formox, the subsidiary company selling Persorp AB’s knowhow about how to build and run formalin factories so that Perstorp AB in turn can sell them the catalysts.
  • We have delivered a system used for follow up of the sales forecast with Access as database foundation






DAO – in Roskilde.

  • High tech company specialized in the service of jet engines. We have delivered an Access based system for their spare parts requirements planning integrated to their ERP system AX.